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Resurrection (Guest Post by Shahroze Jafar)

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Sitting here with dried up ink pot and fresh, piercing thoughts.

I will attempt to note down my vivid emotions on paper.

I cannot cry.

I try and I try but not a single tear leaves my eye, rolls down my cheeks and falls in the dried up ink pot.

But here I sit, beginning to weep my thoughts and make the paper flooded with it once more,

Because this is the only way I can cry.



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So I pick up this pen to write about how I feel

Only to realize I don’t feel anything at all,

A heart that once loved you with fiery passion

Has been left broken, cold and numb,

So I write to you to tell you I love you

Because that is all that I had learnt to do,

I write to you to tell you all my feelings were true and if only you knew,

They said give it time and let it heal,

But what do I do now when there is nothing left to feel?

Will you be my everything?


Will you be my home?
The place where I can lay my sword down after a day’s battle.
Will you be my shelter?
When the rain outside is pouring and the thunder begins to rattle.
Will you be my logic?
When reasons fail me and the world plays tricks with my heart.
Will you be my guiding star?
When I lose my way to you and the distance tears us apart.
Will you be my rainbow?
When all I see is black and white and I’m scared trembling in the dark.
Will you be my everything?
When I lose my will to hold on and misplace my spark.
Will you?