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Sparkistan-unveiling the spark of our unsung heroes

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Pakistan is a country with immense talent, we have heroes around us, we just need to look more carefully. These are ordinary people with extraordinary spark, all they need is to be given credit and appreciation that they deserve.

This is exactly why Atlas Battery took the initiative of ‘Sparkistan’ which aims to show the spark of our unsung heroes. To discover more about these heroes, the team behind Sparkistan travelled all over Pakistan to record their story. Atlas Battery aims to unveil the spark of 15 unsung heroes of our country to give them the recognition they deserve.

Here’s the Sparkistan anthem for you to see:

Every week, they reveal heroes who have the spark in them and have made Pakistan proud.

One of the heroes of ‘Sparkistan’ is Mr. Nazir Sabir. He is a mountaineer, adventurer, humanitarian, expedition organizer, former politician and an inspirational speaker from Hunza, Pakistan. On May 17, 2000, Nazeer Sabir stood on the summit of Everest becoming the first Pakistani to scale the roof of the world. He also started a trekking organizing company under his name, he is also a member of several mountaineering communities. Nazir Sabir is a hero for many reasons other than being an exceptional mountaineer. He is a devoted environmentalist who is involved in the conservation of 5000 years old world heritage of Juniper forests in Balochistan. He is also currently working on the conservation of wildlife across Northern Pakistan.

“Mountains were always very holy places for me, very spiritual places that I understood much later in life. But even as a child I used to think a lot about what would be beyond these mountains — a hidden world, a mysterious world that was hidden by those four walls around my village. But when I lost very close friends (including Scott Fisher), and my brother, all that made me have all the more respect for mountains. There can be so many potential dangers on a mountain for a human life — besides the calculated risks — but all that is just the innocence of nature.” -Nazir Sabir

Nazir Sabir’s spark to conquer the most challenging heights has made him the pride of Pakistan!

Here is Sparkistan’s video of this hero:


Sparkistan introduced two more heroes to us; Aneeqa Bano and Afzal Rasool, these two individuals are angels in disguise of humans. Education is the right of every child, including differently-abled children and these two are making it possible for every child in Skardu. After having a child of their own who is deaf, they decided to start a school for deaf and mute children on their own. The deaf children, along with their families are taught sign language, and some classes are for those who need speech therapy.

“We thank God whenever we see a pencil in their hands.”

What Aneeqa Bano and Afzal Rasool are doing for so many children, that too through self-finance, is not something that everybody can do. Not everyone has a heart like their’s.

The resolve and spark in them to help the differently-abled has led them all this way to a successful mission with their school project and this is what makes them heroes of Pakistan!

Here is Sparkistan’s video of these two extraordinary individuals who have made the life of so many children in Skardu better:

I would like to thank Atlas Battery for taking the initiative of Sparkistan and introducing the world to a positive, progressive side of Pakistan and giving these heroes the recognition they rightly deserve!

Stay tuned to Sparkistan for more!